Friday, April 15, 2011

Our home office

Hmmm - I realized I hadn't yet posted before and after pics of our home office....or of the kitchen.  Kitchen still in progress, so today I'll share about the home office.

After weeks of this room being the "holding place" for boxes and things in transition, we've finally pulled it all together.  The office - which is the 3rd bedroom in our house (I think some people thought we only had a 2 bedroom home) - is actually an office / craft room / guest room / den. 

Besides the kitchen and bathroom, this room had the most work and biggest transformation.  Here is the before.

Why yes you are correct - that is TWO different types of paneling in the room originally.  I had to beg Paulo not to demolish it - I thought it was unique and made a statement.  NOT!!!  When we pulled all that off (by we I mean Paulo of course), there was wall paper underneath.  I stripped/peeled the paper (see, I did do some work here!).  Then we had the walls skim coated and painted.

Here is the cozy room now.

Our office at the old house was tiny.  Now Daddy can work on the computer, Thomas can color or do something at his table, and I can loung read on the futon ....we can all be t.o.g.e.t.h.e.r....(we are that annoying family who is all about togetherness)

This futon pulls out to a double bed, so what are you waiting for?  Come for a visit!

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