Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project Life this week

Once again I didn't post on Tuesday but at least its 2 weeks in a row now.  As I mentioned, I'm taking pics every day - give or take a day here and there - just not posting as regularly as I should.  Hopefully I'll improve on my regularity.  Here's this week randomness. 


TUESDAY 3/28: Paulo put up our mega cork board in the office - Thomas loves to hang his artwork up on it.  He also loves to move the push pins around, just for fun.
WEDNESDAY 3/30: Finally - a deck day!!
THURSDAY 3/31: All on his own, no prompting from me, Thomas decided he should do his bible study while mama was doing hers.  (I know - precious!)

FRIDAY 4/1: So much for that glimpse of warm weather

SATURDAY 4/2: My dear friend came to visit and brought me this awesome picture.  In case you can't make it out - its spells "faith".  I should have taken a picture of my friend and me - first visit together in 3 years!!  however, I didn't think about it until sunday morning when she left and neither of us had showered/had make-up.  Oops!
SUNDAY 4/3: Since this week I missed a few, I'll jump ahead a few.  Here's the boy just being silly.  He's very good at it!

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