Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Are my cousins here yet?"

...that was the very first thing out of Thomas' mouth when he awoke Easter morning.  Isn't that so sweet?

We don't make a big deal about the Easter bunny and candy and all that.  Yes, we do it - but around here we focus on the real reason for Easter - Jesus is Risen! 

The day before easter though we did make a big deal about our cousins coming to visit us for Easter Sunday.  My cousin Carrie and her daughter McKenzie, 7 yrs old, and my cousin Jenn and her twin daughters Rilynn and Madison - also 7 yrs old.  We hyped it up big time and Thomas was indeed excited. 

It was a wonderful l.o.u.d. day - the girls are so patient with Thomas and he was thrilled to have such fun girls to play with.  We played in the yard, then we took them to the carousel.  They all had a dance party after dinner, and a marching band. We even had a sleepover with our cousins!!  (once again, cannot thank God enough for this new house with room enough for dance parties, marching bands and sleepovers).
Carrie, Jenn and I grew up very close - our moms are sisters and best friends, and Carrie and Jenn are my best friends and the closest thing I have to sisters. Growing up we lived within 20 miles of each other, and our families spent time together at least once a week, usually more often.  Jenn and I even went to high school together (ooooh the stories).  Because of the direction of our lives, we have settled in different states, and so our children won't have the same experience of seeing each other as often. 

It warmed me to see so much love and laughter abound among Thomas, McKenzie, Rilynn and Madison during the time they do get to spend together.  That's what matters - making the most of the time we do have together. 

I'm so lucky...and so is Thomas.


of course, the many attempts of getting 1 pic of the 4 of them
the one


Steve said...

That is so great Bree... Never knew you had it in ya! But really happy for all of you. Looks like that was very reminiscent of the old days. My best to all!! XO

andrewforcier said...

Three girls, one boy. Hmmm... Reminds me of holidays growing up...