Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"because its mother's day"

I don't usually make a big deal about my birthday, or valentine's day, or even mother's day.  

But this year I did.  I geuss living with a 3 1/2 yr old had gotten the best of me and I wanted to have a day!  While my day wasn't fancy, or "special" by some moms desire, it was just.what.I.wanted.  

And yes, I did indeed spend the whole day saying - "you have to, because its mother's day".

I said it so much that at 11:10 pm Paulo expressed he couldn't wait for midnight. 

As for what we did - I got to sleep in (which was extra special because the boy was up by 6am that morning)

I received the 2 best cards in the whole world - handpicked by the best hubby in the world.

The weather wasn't so great, so we did lots of playing inside and watched a movie.
Paulo helped me with all the little loose ends that have been driving me batty around here.Like hanging some pictures.  And organizing the shoes under the bed in the new shoe bins.  And finally putting up a house number.
It's solar - it lights up at night

Paulo made me dinner of my choice: 
filet mignon with sauteed mushrooms and blue cheese, roasted brocolli, and crusty bread slathered with butter (butter is for special occasions around here - indulgent!)
 And desert was a special treat I had picked up at the farmer's market the day before:
I call them choco-licious squares.
The boy usually says grace, 
but I asked if I could and he obliged me.  

"Dear God - 
Thank you for Paulo and thank you for Thomas...
without them I wouldn't have mother's day.  
Thank your for the best gifts of all. Amen"

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The Faiths said...

What a great day! You deserve all the happiness you have :)