Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'm still working on my garden.  Not ready to post before and after pics yet.  I want it to be a little more "finished looking".

But a garden is never really finished, is it?  It takes years to cultivate. Years for the plants to mature.  Years for the garden to take its full shape.  Years for the soil to become rich and hearty and produce beautiful flowers.

My life seems a lot like a garden right needs a lot of weeding.

Funny thing about weeds.  A weed can sometimes be mistaken for a flower or a plant....really.  It looks pretty, and pretty harmless.  But no matter how pretty and deceiving it looks, if left in the garden, a weed will choke the life of the real plants...hinder their growth....steal the wonderful nutrients they need for full life.

Just like some things in life.  Relationships, commitments, choices - no matter how attractive or good they may seem, they can restrict real growth, and polute the soil of richness.

Gardening also takes transplanting - moving plants to a new location in the garden.  So they will get better light or better water.  Or so they will fill in a big empty hole.  Or so they can create a better landscape all around. 

In life, our list of priorities often needs transplanting, or rearranging.  Priority #1 should move down the list...waaay down the list.  And #3 should move to the top - to create a better landscape of life.  And #5 should come right off the list - to enhance growth and maturity, because in the end, it was a weed.

Here's the thing - its relatively easy for me to make these decisions in my garden.  Not just easy, but usually quite obvious.  Its a lot harder in life.  In the garden though, I don't announce "Hey Hosta - you need to move to the other end" and it walks on down to the other side.  Or "hey you clump of weeds - get the heck out of there" and they jump on out.  No, in fact, weeds are often the hardest to move.  A plant will go willingly - a weed will not - it will fight to stay.  It will fight so hard you might want to give up, or worse, give in.  But good news for the floral and fauna (and bad news for the weed) - the gardener does the work. 

Good news in life - our gardener will do all the work.  God.  Gardener.  Creator of life.  He loves us just like way more than we love our garden.  Think of this - we created our garden, laid out the design, picked the foliage, but... BUT... we didn't create the plant.  God made those.  Even the seeds - if we are lucky, we picked them out from its original plant, but God gave them all the right conditions to grow - sunlight and rain, just the right soil.  

God created us.  From a tiny seed, He created us - and gave us all the right conditions to grow.  OF COURSE He loves us far more than we love our garden.  Infinitely!  But we must be willing to let Him cultivate us.

And right now... as I am the gardener .... I am also the garden. 

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