Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Project Life Lately

No dates, no particular order...
just a smattering of our life these days. 

You could put this on a stinky old shoe and I'd gobble it up and beg for more.  True story.

I have no idea what they are plotting discussing, but I'm sure it can't be good.

  Actually - I kid.  They did so well together that day that we turned a 3hr playdate into a 6 1/2hr playdate!!  The mama's were having too much fun finishing sentences and having an actual conversation!

 A bit of crafting.  I decided the front door needed some bling and just like that, the Michaels coupon arrived in my inbox.

 For some reason, this was wonderfully fun.  
(I think we were on our 4th consecutive day of rain by now)

 And on the 5th day (of rain), we baked.

And on the ??th day (I stopped counting), 
the skies finally parted.

A sad little boy waving good-bye as daddy heads out to work.

 My new coffee bar.  
Naah - just showing off my new drawers and hardware!!!
Thomas was a little too quiet for a little too long.  
Exhibit A

 Exhibit B - hiding the chocolate under my bed!

THIS is the cookie from which they coined the phrase "a cookie the size of my head"!

 The gorgeous apple trees in the yard behind us.

 Our latest obsession game craze.  Of course, now that we've got the fever, daddy wants a full table.  Not gonna happen!

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Susan said...

Great week of pictures!!