Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Aahhh morning.

I so want to be your friend.

I have admired you for so long...your peace and tranquility.  Your beauty and simplicity.  Your promise and hope.

Like any good friend, I am rejuvenated when I spend time with you.  My step is lighter, my thoughts flow more clearly all the rest of my day.

Morning - you give so much and ask so little...only that I join you.  You wait patiently each day - every day - with a new and wonderful gift: a brilliant sunrise, a sweet new song from the birds, glittery diamonds of fresh dew in early light.  Every day you offer what I need the most - time to myself..or is it time for myself.  Time for reflection, prayer, wisdom from the Word.  Precious time with our other friend - Jesus.

You have abundantly, and you give so freely - no matter how many times I have spurned you Morning, thoughtlessly pushed you aside with the push of the snooze button.

But I have matured now, dear Morning.  I am ready for a meaningful relationship with you.  I finally have understanding and respect for all that you offer and I'm ready for a commitment.

So, I will meet you again tomorrow.  Same time, same place.  And I'm bringing a friend.....


Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Review

I've been reading voraciously lately (as you can tell by my use of a big fancy word). 

Most books have been fiction, stories of life, friendships, love. 

Recently this book caught my eye:

WARNING: once you read this book, you're going to want to move to a farm too!  This book chronicles the couple's first year of making it a go on a farm - from non-working land, to a full fledged farm. The story of their experience is amazing, their ideals are cool - and the way they actually live what they believe is inspirational. And the best part of it all?  The telling of the story is fabulous!  Often times regular-people-turned-author....people who have something amazing in their life that they want to share with all....let's face it - those books make good stories but are not great reads.  (example here.  However, since this farming gal's first career was journalism, well, the writing is beautiful.

This makes two books now that I've loved, been engrossed in, but didn't want to actually finish because I knew I would miss the writing, the words, the story, the emotion. 

Have you ever had that - loved a book you were reading but didn't want it to end?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photo Friday 6/24

"Oh yea Baby!"
(not just a caption, but actually his favorite phrase these days)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden Reveal

It has taken us TWO months to pull out old trees, map out beds, turn over dirt, plant and transplant, then plant some more, and mulch to get the gardens to this point.  This is how the "final" gardens look - I use the word final to mean that the planting is done...for now.  However, I did throw seeds in all the beds, so there should be (with any luck) much more fullness in the beds once those seeds start sprouting.  Additionally, I'm hoping my tomato plants flourish as well.  I am salivating at the thought of my very own home grown tomatoes this year!

Here is the one sad lonely picture of what we started with.....

We built this stone pathway, which is why it is pictured.

same tree - different angle.

8 tomato plants

This is my 1st posting of what I hope to be many throughout the season as the garden fills in and blooms. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Down by the Bay

That's the name of the blog now.  
It has been for a few weeks...
but I never got around to posting why. 
Our new house (not so new anymore) is on the bay.
Well, across the street from it anyway. 
And its a boy's adventure playground...



(just kidding - this is daddy's shoe)