Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Review

I've been reading voraciously lately (as you can tell by my use of a big fancy word). 

Most books have been fiction, stories of life, friendships, love. 

Recently this book caught my eye:

WARNING: once you read this book, you're going to want to move to a farm too!  This book chronicles the couple's first year of making it a go on a farm - from non-working land, to a full fledged farm. The story of their experience is amazing, their ideals are cool - and the way they actually live what they believe is inspirational. And the best part of it all?  The telling of the story is fabulous!  Often times regular-people-turned-author....people who have something amazing in their life that they want to share with all....let's face it - those books make good stories but are not great reads.  (example here.  However, since this farming gal's first career was journalism, well, the writing is beautiful.

This makes two books now that I've loved, been engrossed in, but didn't want to actually finish because I knew I would miss the writing, the words, the story, the emotion. 

Have you ever had that - loved a book you were reading but didn't want it to end?

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Amy and Rick said...

You're mailing that up to me right? Maybe we can take the ferry over when you come visit us in VT...oh wait, did I not tell you that our Wildwood weekend was moved so we will be around the weekend after camp and you are coming to stay with us Saturday?! No? Well, it's true! : )