Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Garden Reveal

It has taken us TWO months to pull out old trees, map out beds, turn over dirt, plant and transplant, then plant some more, and mulch to get the gardens to this point.  This is how the "final" gardens look - I use the word final to mean that the planting is done...for now.  However, I did throw seeds in all the beds, so there should be (with any luck) much more fullness in the beds once those seeds start sprouting.  Additionally, I'm hoping my tomato plants flourish as well.  I am salivating at the thought of my very own home grown tomatoes this year!

Here is the one sad lonely picture of what we started with.....

We built this stone pathway, which is why it is pictured.

same tree - different angle.

8 tomato plants

This is my 1st posting of what I hope to be many throughout the season as the garden fills in and blooms. 


Amy and Rick said...

Love! I'm loving all of your pots!

The Faiths said...

Love it! Hey, if you suddenly have an over abundance of tomatos....ahem...ahem. Just kidding, I'll just come over and eat them myself :)