Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Aahhh morning.

I so want to be your friend.

I have admired you for so long...your peace and tranquility.  Your beauty and simplicity.  Your promise and hope.

Like any good friend, I am rejuvenated when I spend time with you.  My step is lighter, my thoughts flow more clearly all the rest of my day.

Morning - you give so much and ask so little...only that I join you.  You wait patiently each day - every day - with a new and wonderful gift: a brilliant sunrise, a sweet new song from the birds, glittery diamonds of fresh dew in early light.  Every day you offer what I need the most - time to myself..or is it time for myself.  Time for reflection, prayer, wisdom from the Word.  Precious time with our other friend - Jesus.

You have abundantly, and you give so freely - no matter how many times I have spurned you Morning, thoughtlessly pushed you aside with the push of the snooze button.

But I have matured now, dear Morning.  I am ready for a meaningful relationship with you.  I finally have understanding and respect for all that you offer and I'm ready for a commitment.

So, I will meet you again tomorrow.  Same time, same place.  And I'm bringing a friend.....


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Tom Forcier said...

Truly beautiful words. Best part of the day. Dad