Sunday, July 3, 2011


For years I dreamed about the house I would have someday. 
I designed it over and over in my head - 
rooms, colors, finishes, decor. 

For starters, my house had to have a fireplace - 
that was not optional. 

I wanted a warm, inviting kitchen 
for cooking to my heart's content, 
and room a plenty for friends to sit 
and sip tea or wine while I worked. 

Both my grandmother's houses 
and the house I grew up in all had pantries,
so my house had to have one too. 

I wanted a room spacious enough for the whole family to gather, 
yet cozy enough for us to play games, watch football, read stories-

My house had to have good closet space...
including a linen and a coat closet. 

I wanted my house to have lots of color and character.
My piano had to fit of course...
and lots of wall space for all our photos.

I wanted an outdoor sitting space...
porch or deck - of this I wasn't too picky. 
But definitely a big yard for the family...
to run, play, swing, kick a soccer ball.

And since this is all just a big ole dream...
I wanted a water view.

Yes - that's the house I dreamed of.  
You know, just dreamed about. 

This is why we have dreams. 

Because sometimes, 
right smack in the middle of life....

Dreams really do come true. 

*** One year ago today, we found our dream home***

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