Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Four Whole Days

Paulo's best friend got married last weekend
and Paulo was the best man.

The wedding was in New Jersey.  Paulo had to be there for four.whole.days.
While I had very good childcare ready, willing and able (aka Nana and Big T), I did not want to leave the boy that long. 

I resisted...dug my heels in about leaving for four.whole.days...declared NEVER.  So we devised a very elaborate plan that would have each of us making the 550 mile round trip to New Jersey in separate cars just so I could be there for only 24hrs.

However, a mere 48 hrs before Paulo's departure, our elaborate plan began to unravel - as so often happens with best laid plans.  It became clear that I was to accompany my husband....for the whole trip...and leave behind my boy....for the four.whole.days.

But ooooo....four.whole.days.

Time a plenty for...

Long passionate discussions with my husband about life, ideals, goals...not the daily grind but heart matters.

Deep, heavy sleep all.night.long in a luxurious king size bed

Totally fabulous and inexpensive diner food! (Jersey Diners Rock!  Now that should be a reality show!)

Indulgent, leisure time activities such as a pedicure, the hotel pool and reading a book completely un-interupted while Paulo played golf.

And then the the wedding itself...

Oh Marone!

Beautiful bride, handsome groom

open bar, gourmet food,

big band, dancing,

chocolate fountain, espresso bar

gorgeous sunset view

celebrating some of God's awesome gifts -

marriage, love and friendship

Four.Whole.Days can really make a difference....

for a couple....

for a wife...

for a mom.


The Faiths said...

What a nice surprise "get away" you had! It's a good reminder that all marriages need to "honeymoon" every now and then. Happy you had some time together and a bit jealous too ;)

MomsMode said...

Sounds like heaven. And how did the boy survive? I bet he missed you but I also bet he loved spending time with Nana and Big T!

Cari said...

Love this picture of you and Paulo! Frame it!