Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer reading

This summer, I've FINALLY been successful in achieving my age-old goal of turning off the TV.  Yea me!  In its place, I've been reading a lot.  I used to be a big reader, way back in the day....especially during my commuting years.  That was almost 10 years ago, and since then I feel like reading fell away as one of my hobbies (read I-let-it-go).  Now that I've re-ignited my passion for books, I feel like I've missed so much over the years, and I'm on a mad tear to get all caught up!  Here's a smattering of what I've been reading...and what I highly recommend.  (sorry for the spotty posting...I tried to fix it but obviously couldn't, but definitely wanted to include pics)

You know I already recommended this one, per my previous post here

This gal is absolutely, positively hysterical!!  She had me laughing out loud.  There is one particular story in this book that I've been repeating to everyone who will listen.  It reads even better than a devotional.  It's more like a girlfriend opening up and sharing with you all her "mom/wife of the year" stories so that you can feel better about yourself. 

I know I know - 1980's Brat Pack.  But let me tell you friends - he's not just a hottie - he's an intellect!  His writing was beautiful, elegant, witty.  His life story will surprise you.  Thoroughly enjoyed this.  I hope he'll write more.

For fiction up til now, I've been hooked on Kristin Hannah and Elin Hillebrand.  Like hooked and haven't veered from.  So it was nice to change it up and find a new author - like this one.  Just a plain old good read.  So much so that I'm already looking forward to her next book (due out next spring I believe)

This was a thriller...okay, a thriller at my speed.  Maybe page turner is a better term.   My mom recommended this one, but said some of this others she didn't like as much.  I might try another.

This one was a complete whim - it was staring out at me from the new book shelf while I was checking out other books - the ONLY check out that I don't mind impulse shopping. I don't practice yoga (but I want to, I want to be that person....but I digress), so I picked it up to see if it would inspire me to really get started.  The story was completed unexpected and I LOVED it.  To the point where I was taking notes and copying her brilliant statements.  The story is really about life - and I could relate to it all.  Read it - who cares if you don't practice yoga.

Currently I'm reading this.  So far, really liking it.  Taking notes again.  I just love how other people can put together coherent, awe-inspiring, dead on observations of life in a way I never can. 

So tell me - what are you reading?  What do you recommend? 

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Andrew said...

I read Sammy Hagar's autobiography "Red" and my friend Jim's first novel "Madman on the Water". Not as ambitious a reader as I used to be...

The Faiths said...

I know I already told you....but go read "The Midwives Confession"!!!! Now!!!

Jenny from the Block said...

Hello Mamma Bree! Greetings from India! I just finished reading the Hunger Games series. Oh Lordy Lordy! Violent but so so so good! A page turner from the beginning. I like a book that 'hooks' me and all three of those books met my standard. I recently started reading a non-fiction book that a friend recommended (reads like fiction!) called Stratch Beginnings by Adam Shephard. So far I really like it. As a sidenote - I've totally got to read Rob Lowe's book...I grew up thinking I was destined to be Mrs. Rob Lowe! ;0) Oh la la! ;)