Friday, November 4, 2011

No I haven't given up blogging...

But thanks for asking.

They say the #1 rule in blogging is don't make excuses for not blogging. Which is too bad...cause I have a lot of great excuses:

We're crazy busy - what with soccer, our annual columbus day weekend trip up north, back to back house guests, Thomas 4th bday, Daddy's bday (no numbers please), halloween.  All really good excuses right?

Then there's the one about the new computer that arrived 3 weeks ago but we just booted up this weekend and are still trying to load with all our stuff - pics, programs, know, our whole life.

Not to mention my dad had a stroke.  He is  And I wasn't planning on posting about it at all but since he 1) gave me guff about the blog being so out of date, and 2) he's posting about it on facebook, I figure its fair game.  He was very very lucky God was full of grace and mercy in healing my dad, who had a brain bleed stroke on Sept 22.  The only real damage was to his vision, which is still pretty well impaired.  They were delayed in migrating south for the winter, and he was certainly not allowed to fly.  As you might imagine, its been an emotional few weeks with worry, appointments, tests, waiting...  However, with the doctor's blessing, they left at the beginning of this week, with gratitude to my kind and wonderful aunt and uncle who are chauffering the 3 day pilgrimage.

But really, my main excuse...the real reason I haven't been blogging lately....

I've been wrestling with some stuff these past few...well months actually.

And while I want my blog to fun and inspiring and uplifting and funny...I just haven't had it in me. 

My posts weren't going to be perfect....

so I just stopped posting.

Because I was afraid.  Afraid that if I didn't post enough cute pics of the boy, or share the happy stories, or write too much about God, that I'll lose you readers.  And to be honest, I'm not even sure how many of you out there really read this (I promise you this is not a ploy to get you to leave a comment).

I write this blog in hopes that I can share our stories, our life, and inspire someone, anyone, just like the many blogs I follow inspire me. But I realize the blogs that inspire me the most...the ones I read most faithfully are the ones where the blogger is honest..all the time. 

And that's what I want to be.  And while I can't always share the details of some particular situations, I can be honest about how I'm feeling, and how I'm trying to turn it over to God, and how I'm trying to follow all that I do.

So, I'm not ready to leave this bloggy world yet.  And I've got loads to share with you all -

like Thomas's first big birthday party with friends.

and his first season of soccer.


and random things I'm loving right now.

And most especially our very rapidly approaching dream family vacation!!!  I will keep a surprise for now but expect lots and lots of pics!!

So I hope you will come back soon and read all about our adventures, big and small, wonderful and hard. 

Thanks readers...friends.

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Kate said...

There is no shame in sharing that you are struggling. You'd be surprised who might be enduring what you are and can offer you some support. I've met some of the kindest people through my blog. People love an honest blogger, and I truly sense you are that.

I'm so happy that your father recovered from his stroke. Praise be to God, from Whom all blessings flow!