Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thomas' 4th birthday - 1st party

Yet another blessing of our new home (not so new anymore) is that we finally have room to have a proper party!  Our yard is large for the kids to run and play, the big deck is a great place for the adults to congregate, and the house itself is spacious enough for everyone inside should the weather not cooperate.

However, the weather did in fact cooperate and we had an AWESOME birthday party for Thomas big boy 4th birthday!  Up until now, we have done just small parties each year, with just our families. And I'm quite glad we waited until this age, because I do believe it would have been lost on him any younger.

Not this year though.  This year we finally went whole hog: nine little friends, a gigantic bouncy house, full-on Lightning McQueen / race cars theme, and lots of fun decor!  Needless to say, Thomas loved every bit of it - as did mama and daddy.  Enjoy the pics!


  Sooooooo worth it!

 **shirt made by my wonderful talented friend busyBdesigns

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Kate said...

Now that looked like a fun party! Your home is lovely and your little man is just darling :-)

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today :-) It was a wonderful blessing to meet Angie this weekend. She truly is as genuine as I'd hoped.