Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I told promised that this year, I wouldn't put so much pressure on myself.
Or my family.
That I'd enjoy Christmas without expectation of perfection.
That I'd focus on what the holiday was really about - God's gift of love...
for each and every one of us.
And so Christmas came
and it was.....
Because it was all I ever wanted.
 And now we are savoring this week of calm
and peace
and quiet
 and togetherness
Tomorrow night we will stay home
 and cuddle
while we watch movies 
and eat our favorite food - apps!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day....and season
and I wish you a very happy 
and healthy new year. 


Courtney Walsh said...

aw, Bree, this looks like the perfect Christmas!!! :) Happy New Year!

The Faiths said...

Sooooo pretty! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas "HOME" this year :)