Monday, January 30, 2012

Finally - SNOW!!!

This post is a little late.  The snow has already actually melted the very next day.  But I had to share the pics.

While we adults dread snow and all the disruptions it causes...little ones just loooooove it - Thomas is no exception.  I loved getting him all bundled up in his snow gear (me too).  It brought me back straight back to my own childhood - the long process of getting all bundled up in the bulky clothes, trudging out into the fresh snow to make ourtracks, rosy cheeks, breath warming the inside of my scarf or neck-up, playing, digging tunnels, throwing snowballs, then going back inside and peeling the layers off in anticipation of hot cocoa....exhausted after a full 20 minutes outside!!  Haha - remember that?!  It took longer to dress and undress than the time we were actually outside!  Aaaaahhh - I went right back there in my mind on this day.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'll decide when Christmas is over

It is Thursday Jan 26th.....and our house is still all decked out in Christmas.

Our tree is still up.

Our neighbors are rolling their eyes when my lights go on every night at dusk.

As they will every night til the end of January.

While I love the January and the New Year for all that it brings - new opportunities, new goals, new grace and mercies....

I also despise the New Year for what it seems to signal.

"Its the New Year here.  Time to put away Christmas and take it to the curb, people!  Time to pack it all up and forget all the warm, kind sentiments.  No more extra smiles, or longer hugs.  And by all means - STOP that incessant sweet music with lyrics full of hope love!!  Gotta move on folks.  Time to get back to real life."

Ugh.  I actually get depressed the first week of January. I mean a.c.t.u.a.l.l.y. depressed. 

I'll decide when I'm done with Christmas....not society.

So I leave it all up a little savor it a little more.
Because during the accepted holiday season, there isn't enough time to have friends over for a relaxing, non-rushed visit but the tree.

And there are never enough nights like this.

Sitting by the tree

warmed by the blazing fire

reading a good book

sipping yummy new tea (have you tried yogi tea?  their bedtime tea is the bomb!)

watching the boy run around the house, imagination gone wild.



Can't do that enough during the Christmas season....while we try to get it all wrapped and ready.

Then again, can't do that enough all year through.

(PS - I'm taking it down this weekend)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Thousand Gifts Thursday

Throughout the year, as I post my gifts on my thursdays, it may be random, or I may, like today, take inspiration from Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare list

Sometimes, hopefully, I'll include photos...sometimes, like today, not. 

What I do intend is to list my gifts, and take a moment to appreciate each of them.  And I hope you do the same. 

  • something I'm reading: Author Kate Jacobs and hier Friday Night Knitting Club books......mmmmmm - soul candy.
  • something I'm eating: beans and greens soup - kind of my own amalgamation of recipes I've seen, using kale and swedish meatballs in my soup.  Sooo good on a cold, windy, rainy day like today.
  • something I'm making: not yet, but I'm making plans, finally, to learn how to knit.  You know, you read enough books about knitters and you can't help but want to jump right in. 
  • a gifts that's just right - Bedtime Tea by Yogi.  I am officially a tea drinker now.  I've tried tea time and again, but now I'm finally a convert. 
  • one thing I'm grateful about myself - I'm a loyal friend, for sure. Sometimes it leads to heartache and disappointment, but most often, I reap wonderful rewards.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Thousand Gifts Thursdays

Have you read this book??

Have you gone to her blog?

Ann Voskamp is a beautiful woman.  Her writing will stir the deepest parts of your soul.  Whereas I typically devour books, quickly and voraciously, I savored Ann's book...slowly, deliberately, sparingly.  I took almost two months to read her book - just a few pages each day, so I could make it last.  I don't even do that with the best quality chocolate. I was so changed by her words, but more by her topic, her purpose, that I gifted 4 beautiful women in my life her book this Christmas.

This year I will list my gifts - all one thousand of them...and then some - because surely I have abundantly more. I am making Thursdays 1000 Gifts Thursdays.  I hope you will join me in reflecting on all the ways God blesses you in your lives. 

Here goes:
1 - Paulo
2 - Thomas
3 - Our home
4 - God's grace
5 - the  opportunity to indulge my passions on a regular basis - photography, writing, cooking
For more information and inspriation, see Ann's site January Dare to give all glory to Him,

** All thoughts and opinions regarding this topic are my own.  I am not receiving nor seeking any compensation for this endorsement.