Monday, January 30, 2012

Finally - SNOW!!!

This post is a little late.  The snow has already actually melted the very next day.  But I had to share the pics.

While we adults dread snow and all the disruptions it causes...little ones just loooooove it - Thomas is no exception.  I loved getting him all bundled up in his snow gear (me too).  It brought me back straight back to my own childhood - the long process of getting all bundled up in the bulky clothes, trudging out into the fresh snow to make ourtracks, rosy cheeks, breath warming the inside of my scarf or neck-up, playing, digging tunnels, throwing snowballs, then going back inside and peeling the layers off in anticipation of hot cocoa....exhausted after a full 20 minutes outside!!  Haha - remember that?!  It took longer to dress and undress than the time we were actually outside!  Aaaaahhh - I went right back there in my mind on this day.

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Kate said...

Your little guy is adorable!

Love that you commented on my blog today. I wonder if we were separated at birth!?