Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'll decide when Christmas is over

It is Thursday Jan 26th.....and our house is still all decked out in Christmas.

Our tree is still up.

Our neighbors are rolling their eyes when my lights go on every night at dusk.

As they will every night til the end of January.

While I love the January and the New Year for all that it brings - new opportunities, new goals, new grace and mercies....

I also despise the New Year for what it seems to signal.

"Its the New Year here.  Time to put away Christmas and take it to the curb, people!  Time to pack it all up and forget all the warm, kind sentiments.  No more extra smiles, or longer hugs.  And by all means - STOP that incessant sweet music with lyrics full of hope love!!  Gotta move on folks.  Time to get back to real life."

Ugh.  I actually get depressed the first week of January. I mean a.c.t.u.a.l.l.y. depressed. 

I'll decide when I'm done with Christmas....not society.

So I leave it all up a little savor it a little more.
Because during the accepted holiday season, there isn't enough time to have friends over for a relaxing, non-rushed visit but the tree.

And there are never enough nights like this.

Sitting by the tree

warmed by the blazing fire

reading a good book

sipping yummy new tea (have you tried yogi tea?  their bedtime tea is the bomb!)

watching the boy run around the house, imagination gone wild.



Can't do that enough during the Christmas season....while we try to get it all wrapped and ready.

Then again, can't do that enough all year through.

(PS - I'm taking it down this weekend)


The Faiths said...

Perfectly said.... :)

Kate said...

Lovely photos!

My tree came down on the 27th. I just wanted the holidays over with this year. Hoping to be in a better spirit come Easter.

Christina Rothman said...

Bree - Took our tree down this past weekend! Not because we wanted to...but because the house appraiser was coming yesterday and not sure how he would take the tree still being up :) Lauren actually cried.