Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Thousand Gifts Thursday

Throughout the year, as I post my gifts on my thursdays, it may be random, or I may, like today, take inspiration from Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare list

Sometimes, hopefully, I'll include photos...sometimes, like today, not. 

What I do intend is to list my gifts, and take a moment to appreciate each of them.  And I hope you do the same. 

  • something I'm reading: Author Kate Jacobs and hier Friday Night Knitting Club books......mmmmmm - soul candy.
  • something I'm eating: beans and greens soup - kind of my own amalgamation of recipes I've seen, using kale and swedish meatballs in my soup.  Sooo good on a cold, windy, rainy day like today.
  • something I'm making: not yet, but I'm making plans, finally, to learn how to knit.  You know, you read enough books about knitters and you can't help but want to jump right in. 
  • a gifts that's just right - Bedtime Tea by Yogi.  I am officially a tea drinker now.  I've tried tea time and again, but now I'm finally a convert. 
  • one thing I'm grateful about myself - I'm a loyal friend, for sure. Sometimes it leads to heartache and disappointment, but most often, I reap wonderful rewards.

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