Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Thousand Gifts Thursdays

Have you read this book??

Have you gone to her blog?

Ann Voskamp is a beautiful woman.  Her writing will stir the deepest parts of your soul.  Whereas I typically devour books, quickly and voraciously, I savored Ann's book...slowly, deliberately, sparingly.  I took almost two months to read her book - just a few pages each day, so I could make it last.  I don't even do that with the best quality chocolate. I was so changed by her words, but more by her topic, her purpose, that I gifted 4 beautiful women in my life her book this Christmas.

This year I will list my gifts - all one thousand of them...and then some - because surely I have abundantly more. I am making Thursdays 1000 Gifts Thursdays.  I hope you will join me in reflecting on all the ways God blesses you in your lives. 

Here goes:
1 - Paulo
2 - Thomas
3 - Our home
4 - God's grace
5 - the  opportunity to indulge my passions on a regular basis - photography, writing, cooking
For more information and inspriation, see Ann's site January Dare to give all glory to Him,

** All thoughts and opinions regarding this topic are my own.  I am not receiving nor seeking any compensation for this endorsement.

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