Thursday, February 9, 2012

1,000 Gift Thursdays

No prep this week, no photos, no stories.

Just instant answers - the first things that come to mind of each of these items for which I'm truly grateful.
From Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare, found here

#9 for today - February 9th - 
3 gifts that were surprises - unexpected graces:
1 - an unexpected conversation with a friend that I truly appreciated
2 - an unexpected acceptance of an invitation I made which I'm truly looking forward to
3 - an unexpected warm afternoon filled with sun so that my boy could play on the jungle gym - an activity so dearly missed during a long, cold, New England winter

3 gifts in writing: 
1 - a card from a friend
2 - an email from a friend
3 - the way writing truly works on my soul

3 gifts of red: 
1 - a hand knit scarf  I spied for inspiration
2 - shiny, sparkly red hearts adorning the front doors of homes this time of year
3 - the color red used in a child's craft today

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