Wednesday, February 22, 2012


What can you say about 9 years?

The ups and downs....

the highs and lows...

the tears and laughter.

So many tears.

But OH the laughter.

We have been through thick and thin.  Through sickness and health...good times and bad times for sure.

But never once, not even for a tiny, fleeting second...never have I regretted my unbelievable luck...

9 years ago on this beautiful, wonderful day, I married the man of my of my best friend

Today we will clothe ourselves in the joy and wonder of all that we have filled these 9 years with - love, memories, strength, faith, honor.

Thank you Paulo.

Thank you God.

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The Faiths said...

BIG Congrats to an awesome couple and also awesome people individually :) Isn't wonderful to be in a happy marriage!