Friday, February 3, 2012

This one's for you Nana & Big T

My parents are snow birds - they fly south for the winter.  We are very lucky they come back for about 2 weeks at Christmas time to share in the festivities.  But then they are gone again....for the long cold winter.  A lot has already happened since they left Dec 29th.  And rather than send all the photos in 14 different emails, I decided to post our records of happenings right here.

Even if you are not Nana and Big T, please feel free to enjoy our pics and our boy!!!

Happy New Year

(you know - the reason you don't stay up north in the winter!!)

Enjoying Jubilee Roll 
(proof he is a McKenzie!)

Arts and Crafts

Helping Daddy gather firewood

Lunch with friends

Crushing crackers for meatloaf - Big T's favorite

Trying new treats

Bonding with his baby cousin

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