Monday, March 19, 2012

Dare I say it?

A friend of mine recently remarked "I don't know how you do it all - read, knit, blog, photos, craft"....

First and foremost - I don't do it all!!  I am not one of those annoying "Martha Stewart, super woman types" - really.  


I've made a major change in my life that I'm darn proud of and because of this change, I can seemingly accomplish so much more!

Noooo - I have not become an early bird and get up with the rooster.  THAT my friends, will never happen.  My grampy used to say never say never, but really Grampy, it will n.e.v.e.r. happen.

Anyhoo - I'm going off track.  This change is something I've set as a goal for years now.  Its one that I keep saying I want to do but don't actually make any forward moving progress on.  And one that I believe is imperative to my life, and the quality of my life.

They say its takes 30 days to set a new habit.  Well I'm well into my 4th month so I thinks its stuck. 

Okay - enough dramatic build-up....get on with it already.

I've cut out TV!

Now - before any of you get mad at me and say "but I really like tv":
1 - I'm not judging you and your tv time
2 - we have not gone tv free here at casa brasil (c'mon now - we're still in reality)
3 - to cut my tv, you have to understand that I was watching waaaaaaaay too much - I mean ridiculously too much.

I will also say that this achievement was much eaiser than all the other times I've attempted, simply because....

There is NOTHING DECENT to watch!!!  Seriously!

And of course, with the DVR, I can record the 3 shows I actually choose to follow, and even when I watch those, I'm watching less tv because I skip all the commercials.

After making all these sweeping statements, you're dying to know which 3 shows I watch:
1 - Rachael Ray
2 - How I met your mother
3 - Revenge.

I know - 2 out of 3 aren't real quality, but hey, we all have our guilty pleasures.

I don't like to tot my own horn, but this one is worth tooting about, dontcha think?  So in place of my endless, mindless hours of tv each week, I am:
- indulging in lots of reading
- building my photography business
- working on my photos
- knitting
- reading my bible and keeping current in my bible study (the latter of which is also a new achievement after 7 years attending a bible study!)
- keeping my house in order
- listening to music - I've swapped my white noise of choice from the television to quality music (as previously posted here)

So, in the year that I did not make any resolutions, I've actually accomplished two long desired goals - cutting my tv and knitting. 

Hmmmmm - maybe the key to accomplishing resolutions is to not set any - haha!

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