Saturday, March 3, 2012

When was the last time?

You got to just relax for a weekend?

No to do list.

No chores.

No schedule.

Time to indulge in something sinful.....excessive.....

like a good book.....

or a craft project....

I had one of those weekends recently.

And the best part, the BEST part was that the house was clean from top to bottom, the laundry was done, and the pantry and fridge were stocked.

How?  How did I manage all this?

Well - it came about quite sadly.  Our friends were coming for the weekend - a visit we've not had with them...well, ever!!  We'd been planning for weeks.  But the inevitable happened - one of the three kids of our combined families got sick.

One guess on which kid it was.  Yup - mine!  So we had to cancel.  Which was incredibly disappointing. 

Of course, it will be 2014 before all stars and schedules will align and we can reschedule, of that that I am sure.

So I had to soothe myself...with a book
...and then another. 
(talk about two opposite ends of the spectrum!!)

I cooked for my boys.

And we watched a movie (or 3). 

It was wonderful. 

I highly recommend it. 

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