Friday, April 27, 2012

Garden Reveal 2012

I've labeled this Reveal 2012 because I remember I did a reveal last year too.  After "experiencing" our yard and garden for one full year - all 4 seasons - we learned what worked and what didn't, and what changes we needed to make.  Last year we were on a shoestring budget, so we did the best we could.  This year, in addition to all the dirt to plant new grass, we spent the rest of our budget on evergreens, bushes and shrubs.  We needed some more height and "bulk" to fill in between the flowers.  We also wanted some year round these for instance.

I call this my evergreen garden - holly and colorado blue spruce - our year round Christmas tree.  We cannot wait to string it with lights during the Christmas season.  Its little, but its the one we could afford (they are mucho expensive).   And since I call this my forever home, we'll have the joy of watching it grow and mature.

This is our new lilac bush (the bigger plant in the pic)....that will smell really nice. 
New inkberry bush (the big one in the back corner).  We moved the failing azalea to the foreground to get more sun and put the larger inkberry in back to really fill in the corner. 
And birdbath.....we have a bird feeder in the backyard, and we just love watching the birds, so we decided to add a bath for them and already we have lots of little visitors.
I decided our walkway needed presence and pizzazz, so we added these junipers....they are year round so our walkway will always make a statement.
The silvery light green plants are dusty miller - its is supposed to be annual, but since we had such a mild winter, not only did it not die out, it actually thrived throughout the winter!!  Since I had so much, I used it.  I threw the tulip bulbs in under them so next spring we'll have flowers and color, and I think we'll probably plant later blooming flowers next year in place of the dusty miller.  But hey - for one little flat for maybe $12 I got more tan my money's worth.

At the top of our driveway, in front of our sunroom, it was a barren no man's land so we planted these.....the azalea should get quite large and fill in that space. 

And finally - we moved our hostas from the full sun front garden to this nice shady spot at the back of the sunroom.  They are soooo happy here.  They don't even show an ounce of trauma from their move.  In fact they are thriving.
Little story about these hosta - they are actually from our old house.  I planted 3 in 2004, which grew huge, so I split them in 2007 (when I was big and pregnant).  They again grew huge, so I was able to split them again in 2010 when we closed on this house.  Kind of neat that they have been with us for so long. 

I love gardening.  I've never taken a class or had any lessons.  Its all been trial and error.  That's what is so cool about gardening - plants are so resilient, really.  You get such a sense of confidence when you are able to grow them up big and strong and sustain them.

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The Faiths said...

It looks sooooo good! Your hard work has paid off.