Sunday, April 22, 2012

She works hard for the money!

I can honestly say I've never worked so physically hard in my entire life.

If I have, I don't remember it at all.

But this week I will remember for a very very long time.....

or at least until all my sore muscles heal and I sit down again without wincing.

Paulo and I took on the massive project of re-doing all our landscaping.  Here's the list of what we tackled:

- cutting in 4 new garden beds in the yard
- planting those new beds with shrubs and small trees.
- transplanting current plants and flowers to existing beds
- mulching all the garden beds.
- and here's the biggie.......spreading 20 yards of dirt!

PHEW!  Believe me, if we had the money, we would have hired someone in a flash to do all this work.  But we could barely afford the material, so that meant we were doing the labor ourselves....saving a grand total of $3,000.  (which I'm sure my husband will pay to me, right?).

I've been in a very grumpy mood all week as you might imagine.  Tired, sore, dirty, tired, hot.  Yes, that's right, it was 90 degrees one day this week...because you know, its usually 90 degrees in April.  NOT!  But it is when Bree is planning a big long work day in the yard.  Then flash forward to today, the first day of soccer for the was 40 degrees, windy and rainy, of course. But if I was planning to be working in the yard again today, it would have been 90 degrees again.

I can truly say though, I couldn't feel more accomplished.  I never thought I'd be able to keep up with Paulo and work side by side with him on every element of this project....but I did it.  And I'm so proud of Paulo, cause let's face it, no matter how hard I worked, he worked even harder.  He had to lift the shrubs and trees.  He had to swing the pick axe to cut into the lawn for the new beds.  I filled the wheel barrow over and over, but he was the one moving it.

We do make a great team.  That makes me happy.  And the boy helped a little here and there too.  So it was a family project...and that makes me proud - "The gardens that we built"

And I have to admit I'm enjoying the jump start on my summer tan.

Here are just a few pics.  Its been raining all day now so I don't have pics of the gardens yet.  I'll post those later.  I cannot wait until the flowers all come in.  We have a nice mix of seasonal bloomers - early spring daffodils and tulips; early summer iris and lilacs; summer long day lillies and hostas; and fall blooming black eyed susans.  Its going to be gorgeous!

 the FIRST truckload of dirt

Boys love dump trucks!  (check out his new summer doo)

Dirt, Dirt, everywhere you look.
Now we just need to seed, fertilize and water, water, water.  (guess we had to save on labor to pay our upcoming water bills).  We hope to have full grown grass by June 1st.

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