Thursday, May 24, 2012

1000 Gifts Thursday

Going back to the original Joy Dare Lists from Ann Voskamp

Here are a few from the May Joy Dare:
Gift in a bag: some homemade chocolate goodies
Gift in a box: old photos, waiting to be studied all over again
Gift in a book: The Choice, by Nicholas Sparks

3 Gifts unexpected: new fit flops for the season from my mom; newly found pandora music station that I'm loving; a coupon to buy the cook book I've been wanting for over a year!

Gifts from your childhood: music that brings me right back; my Shel Silverstein books (Xmas gifts 1980) that Thomas loves me to read to him; the coffee table in my current living room from the family room of my childhood home

1 Gift sweet: chocolate chip cookie dough from local school fundraiser
1 Gift sour: half-sour pickles...can't get enough!
1 Gift salty: the hint of salt in cheese (mmm - you're thinking about it right now)

3 gifts found in little people - or in this case - my little guy:
his laugh; his curiosity; the stories that he tells

3 gifts that made me laugh: Thomas;  a laugh shared with a friend today; all the laughs generated when we read A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends

3 gifts found in community: that people still really do care; that everyone can come together when the time comes; and that there are still really good people out there

Gift in a plate: spanikopeta made by a friend
Gift in a pot: newly planted flowers thriving
Gift in a package: a new Willow Tree angel from a new friend

Sunday, May 20, 2012

They're back!!!

Nana and Big T are home!  
 Just for the summer but we'll take it!!  
 Oh do we have plans for them! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Books in Bed Pajama Party

Hmmmmm....we don't seem to be reading as much as we used to.  That makes me sad.

Time for mama to be come up with a new way to make books fun and interesting.....

I know....I'll call it a Books in Bed PJ party!!  (c'mon....admit'd fall for it too)

Let's get in our jammies

now pick your books
get more...
lots more.... 

pile up into bed
get cozy under the covers....
yup, your guys can all come too.....
now let's read! 

We go an hour sometimes even an hour and a half, 
during out Books in Bed PJ Party. 
 (its all because of the cool name...I know that's it)

(Repeat 2-3x a week)

Monday, May 14, 2012

You did WHAT on mother's day?

Work??  You did work on mothers day???  What kind of family do you have that made you work on mother's day??

No no no, people....I CHOSE the activity!!  Really I did.  And believe me - even I'M surprised by that.

Let me go back a little bit...bear with me.  Growing up, we had a very large yard.  Which required a very large amount of work.  My dad would spend entire weekends working on the yard - raking, mowing, hedge trimming, etc etc.  We kids helped - sometimes willingly because we got to spend time with Dad.  Then, as we got older, begrudgingly because we would have rathered spent time doing something else....anything else.

Like most kids I'm sure, I vowed I wouldn't be doing that much yard work when I grew up.  I'd be satisfied with a plain old yard that just needed mowing once a more.

Flash forward 15-20 years....oh alright, fine - 30 years.....and here I am - asking my husband if we could spend the day working in the yard.  Even I can't believe I enjoy it that much.  I mean - I'm a girl who always wanted bling for holidays...a new piece of jewelry thank you.  Now I ask new bling for my yard!  Like a new bush...or new grass....or some flowers.

So yesterday we planted most of our annuals (another thing I vowed I'd never invest time or energy in...all that work for just one season?)  But now I've found the worth in all this work...I get to enjoy it all season long....every day....

I also set up the deck for the season.  We got new cushions for the chairs and a new deck box to put them in to keep them dry and clean (see - more bling for the yard).  I spent the whole weekend out here - from my morning coffee to my evening meal.
 Yup - I'll be enjoying that e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y too.  Come on by and join me on the deck....

Join me for a cup of coffee....or a cocktail....take in the sunset with me. 
 I'll be here....all summer.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

1000 Gifts Thursday - my husband

Today I am thankful for the very best husband in the world.

If you've been reading my blog, you know that May is crazy season.  Paulo works 18hr days for about 2 -3 weeks.  The height of his full time job and his side business overlap.  Whenever May 1 comes around, I just pull up my big girl pants and put a smile on my face and say "We're fine honey - don't even worry about us.  You just do what you need to".  I hate it - missing him, Thomas missing him...reading 3:15am on the clock when I hear him climb into bed, waking in the morning to an empty house as he is already up and out.  Its hard on us....but its so much harder on him.

Well today he had a rare morning off so he kept Thomas while I went to bible study.  When I came home, he and Thomas both yelled "Happy Mother's Day!" and presented me with my cards.  He had already informed me he'll be working all day sunday....Mother's day....and all day Saturday.  Oh yea - and all day Friday and all day Monday.  So yes - 4 full days of work this weekend.  Which means no time to celebrate mother's day....or so I thought.

But Paulo is the husband to let it just slip on by.  I'm okay with it - I have to be.  But not him - that's just not how he rolls.  He took today off - all day - to celebrate mother's day with me.  Because he is just that beautiful, wonderful, special, loving.

I'm so lucky.

So we went here...

which was wonderful as always....but even more so.  I ordered the wrong meal (which I rarely do), and my awesome husband insisted switching meals with me!!  He ate my reject meal and I ate his.

Hands off ladies - he's all mine!!

then we went to PANDORA so I could pick out a new bead, which was this.....

then we came home and hung out together - read some books, snuggled, just the 3 of us.  Perfect end to a perfect day.

Paulo will always be #1 on my list of 1000 Gifts

Thursday, May 3, 2012

1000 Gifts Thursday

I've missed a few 1,000 Gifts postings here and there.  I've been busy....with opportunities that I have only God to thank for.  So I thank Him I do everyday...but today I do so Him all glory, praise and honor.

- for HIS call to lead 

- for that call to be in a ministry devoted to coming along side women - stretching them, growing them, encouraging them....loving them

- for my husband truly supporting this call

- for the wisdom that God alone grants me each and every day in order to create, plan, implement, lead

- for a wonderful team of beautiful women to work alongside

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting my craft on

Our kitchen table is 8 feet from our dining room table.  Okay - maybe 10.  I was tired of trying to keep 2 tables free and clear so I could serve a meal.  I felt like I was just moving stuff back and forth from one table to the other.

So I declared the dining table the official table for meals, and declared our kitchen table MINE!  I pushed it up against the wall and set it all up for myself - my laptop, paperwork, ministry files, photography business, iphone charger, etc etc.  See....

Then I got a super comfy chair for my desk.

Its dual purpose: 1 - comfort for me during my long hours in front of the computer. and 2 - a comfy place for a friend to sit and sip tea...or wine...your choice if you visit...while I prepare a meal.  Good idea right? I know - I'm brilliant.

I really love this because the kitchen is the center of every home isnt' it?  And our kitchen is literally right in the center.of.our.home. I'm always in the kitchen - not just making coffee, snacks, dinner, but I'm on the phone, going through paperwork, writing on the calendar, and now on my laptop.  I really appreciate that now I have an official spot....not just the corner of the table, quickly before I have to clear it off to get dinner going.  In the future, we've planned to actually build out this side of the kitchen  - cabinets, counter, shelves.  One wall will be our "command center", the other wall will be a breakfast bar type counter, and also provide extra counter space for serving when we are entertaining.  I figured why wait - I could get a jump start on setting it all up with what we currently have. 

I also set up Thomas' little table right next to me - so we can work side by side. Thomas loves LOVES to color, or create maps, or practice his letters.  He also likes to have snacks at his table too.  Who doesn't love snacks?
Poor Daddy - his desk is all by itself in the office....all the way at the end of the hall. But its nice that we now each have our own desk....heavenly actually.  Daddy has his own way of managing his desk and his stuff...which is not my way.  Makes all the sense in the world to him, but not me.  But I get that - I know where everything is of mine....he knows where everything is of his.  And now "his" and "mine" don't mix.  

This is a very long story to get to my craft isn't it??  I swear I don't have A.D.D its just that....oh look, a bunny...

Anyhoo - I wanted a board to post things....magnet or pin board - didn't matter. I know I know - its called pinterest - get on it Bree!  But I needed a physical board for some of those physical items I have. Like a very nice note I recently received in the US mail - handwritten...with a stamp!! (GASP - who still does that?  Some of us do!!!)  The note gives me inspiration right now.

Again....I seem to be off topic.  But I'm getting closer ....promise....

So - I fished this large, but boring, white magnet board out of the basement.

I picked hit up at least 3 years ago at Ikea - I know it was less that $5.  Great purpose....very ugly.

So I decided to get crafty. Went to Joanns Fabrics, picked up less than 1 yard of fabric, on sale....$6.55. glue gun....30 minutes...VOILA!

Pretty right? I'd tell you about the matching magnets I made with the leftover fabric, but then I'd just be showing off. 

Nothing like an $11 project to really spruce up your space.