Thursday, May 24, 2012

1000 Gifts Thursday

Going back to the original Joy Dare Lists from Ann Voskamp

Here are a few from the May Joy Dare:
Gift in a bag: some homemade chocolate goodies
Gift in a box: old photos, waiting to be studied all over again
Gift in a book: The Choice, by Nicholas Sparks

3 Gifts unexpected: new fit flops for the season from my mom; newly found pandora music station that I'm loving; a coupon to buy the cook book I've been wanting for over a year!

Gifts from your childhood: music that brings me right back; my Shel Silverstein books (Xmas gifts 1980) that Thomas loves me to read to him; the coffee table in my current living room from the family room of my childhood home

1 Gift sweet: chocolate chip cookie dough from local school fundraiser
1 Gift sour: half-sour pickles...can't get enough!
1 Gift salty: the hint of salt in cheese (mmm - you're thinking about it right now)

3 gifts found in little people - or in this case - my little guy:
his laugh; his curiosity; the stories that he tells

3 gifts that made me laugh: Thomas;  a laugh shared with a friend today; all the laughs generated when we read A Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends

3 gifts found in community: that people still really do care; that everyone can come together when the time comes; and that there are still really good people out there

Gift in a plate: spanikopeta made by a friend
Gift in a pot: newly planted flowers thriving
Gift in a package: a new Willow Tree angel from a new friend

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Kate said...

Love these kinds of posts, and I love your grateful heart.