Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Books in Bed Pajama Party

Hmmmmm....we don't seem to be reading as much as we used to.  That makes me sad.

Time for mama to be come up with a new way to make books fun and interesting.....

I know....I'll call it a Books in Bed PJ party!!  (c'mon....admit'd fall for it too)

Let's get in our jammies

now pick your books
get more...
lots more.... 

pile up into bed
get cozy under the covers....
yup, your guys can all come too.....
now let's read! 

We go an hour sometimes even an hour and a half, 
during out Books in Bed PJ Party. 
 (its all because of the cool name...I know that's it)

(Repeat 2-3x a week)

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