Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting my craft on

Our kitchen table is 8 feet from our dining room table.  Okay - maybe 10.  I was tired of trying to keep 2 tables free and clear so I could serve a meal.  I felt like I was just moving stuff back and forth from one table to the other.

So I declared the dining table the official table for meals, and declared our kitchen table MINE!  I pushed it up against the wall and set it all up for myself - my laptop, paperwork, ministry files, photography business, iphone charger, etc etc.  See....

Then I got a super comfy chair for my desk.

Its dual purpose: 1 - comfort for me during my long hours in front of the computer. and 2 - a comfy place for a friend to sit and sip tea...or wine...your choice if you visit...while I prepare a meal.  Good idea right? I know - I'm brilliant.

I really love this because the kitchen is the center of every home isnt' it?  And our kitchen is literally right in the center.of.our.home. I'm always in the kitchen - not just making coffee, snacks, dinner, but I'm on the phone, going through paperwork, writing on the calendar, and now on my laptop.  I really appreciate that now I have an official spot....not just the corner of the table, quickly before I have to clear it off to get dinner going.  In the future, we've planned to actually build out this side of the kitchen  - cabinets, counter, shelves.  One wall will be our "command center", the other wall will be a breakfast bar type counter, and also provide extra counter space for serving when we are entertaining.  I figured why wait - I could get a jump start on setting it all up with what we currently have. 

I also set up Thomas' little table right next to me - so we can work side by side. Thomas loves LOVES to color, or create maps, or practice his letters.  He also likes to have snacks at his table too.  Who doesn't love snacks?
Poor Daddy - his desk is all by itself in the office....all the way at the end of the hall. But its nice that we now each have our own desk....heavenly actually.  Daddy has his own way of managing his desk and his stuff...which is not my way.  Makes all the sense in the world to him, but not me.  But I get that - I know where everything is of mine....he knows where everything is of his.  And now "his" and "mine" don't mix.  

This is a very long story to get to my craft isn't it??  I swear I don't have A.D.D its just that....oh look, a bunny...

Anyhoo - I wanted a board to post things....magnet or pin board - didn't matter. I know I know - its called pinterest - get on it Bree!  But I needed a physical board for some of those physical items I have. Like a very nice note I recently received in the US mail - handwritten...with a stamp!! (GASP - who still does that?  Some of us do!!!)  The note gives me inspiration right now.

Again....I seem to be off topic.  But I'm getting closer ....promise....

So - I fished this large, but boring, white magnet board out of the basement.

I picked hit up at least 3 years ago at Ikea - I know it was less that $5.  Great purpose....very ugly.

So I decided to get crafty. Went to Joanns Fabrics, picked up less than 1 yard of fabric, on sale....$6.55.

Fabric...hot glue gun....30 minutes...VOILA!

Pretty right? I'd tell you about the matching magnets I made with the leftover fabric, but then I'd just be showing off. 

Nothing like an $11 project to really spruce up your space. 

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