Monday, May 14, 2012

You did WHAT on mother's day?

Work??  You did work on mothers day???  What kind of family do you have that made you work on mother's day??

No no no, people....I CHOSE the activity!!  Really I did.  And believe me - even I'M surprised by that.

Let me go back a little bit...bear with me.  Growing up, we had a very large yard.  Which required a very large amount of work.  My dad would spend entire weekends working on the yard - raking, mowing, hedge trimming, etc etc.  We kids helped - sometimes willingly because we got to spend time with Dad.  Then, as we got older, begrudgingly because we would have rathered spent time doing something else....anything else.

Like most kids I'm sure, I vowed I wouldn't be doing that much yard work when I grew up.  I'd be satisfied with a plain old yard that just needed mowing once a more.

Flash forward 15-20 years....oh alright, fine - 30 years.....and here I am - asking my husband if we could spend the day working in the yard.  Even I can't believe I enjoy it that much.  I mean - I'm a girl who always wanted bling for holidays...a new piece of jewelry thank you.  Now I ask new bling for my yard!  Like a new bush...or new grass....or some flowers.

So yesterday we planted most of our annuals (another thing I vowed I'd never invest time or energy in...all that work for just one season?)  But now I've found the worth in all this work...I get to enjoy it all season long....every day....

I also set up the deck for the season.  We got new cushions for the chairs and a new deck box to put them in to keep them dry and clean (see - more bling for the yard).  I spent the whole weekend out here - from my morning coffee to my evening meal.
 Yup - I'll be enjoying that e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y too.  Come on by and join me on the deck....

Join me for a cup of coffee....or a cocktail....take in the sunset with me. 
 I'll be here....all summer.

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Kate said...

I'm envious of your lovely deck!