Monday, August 27, 2012

Whatever happened to....?

....that yard project of ours?  
So glad you asked.
Remember that big ole pile of dirt?

That we spread and seeded?

Well, here are the results!!
And those dozen tomato plants and eight cucumber plants?
 Here's some of our pickins!
When you do landscaping, on a budget like us, and you are working with seeds and seedlings, you have no idea what you'll get.
You don't know if things will take or fail...thrive or wither...
its a pot shot....
but it actually paid off for us...
and we couldn't be more pleased!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Olympics wrap-up

Someone here at Casa Brasil was really into the Olympics.

Maybe because he's a sports-nut like his daddy.

Or an fierce patriot like his mama.

Or uber-competitive like most 4 yr old boys.

Regardless, he was quite sad to see them end.

So we made a big deal for the closing ceremonies...

We had a mini party.

And we made a cake.

Yes we.....

The store baked it, mama bought it, and the boy decorated it.

It was delicious!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

This summer....

we aren't keeping to a schedule
or a set bedtime
some days we skip nap entirely
and some days we take one too really late
We're definitely doing lots of deck dinners
even if I'm not actually cooking
Are we getting in enough beach time? 
You better believe it!!
We've been busy this summer
Doing nothing 
and doing everything.
We wake up each morning and let the day unfold as it will.
Take a day trip on a moment's notice
Entertain guests at the last minute
Laundry? Cleaning?  Chores? 
Updating a blog? 
Those all keep getting pushed off
but I'm finally learning to live with"less than perfect"
Because here in New England, 
summer is fast and furious
10 short weeks
and it is so well worth it
to have a summer
that reminds me of my own childhood
wherever the wind takes me
or in our case...
wherever the sun takes us