Monday, October 8, 2012

Why not pre-school?

It's that time again. The school year has begun and so too have the questions.

"Does he go to pre-school? Why not? Why isn't he in school?"

While I could title this post:
"Why do total strangers think they get an opinion?"
or "why do people care what we do?",
or my favorite "when did pre-school become as monumental as what college our child goes to?"

(are you sensing my bitterness sarcasm)....

But I won't go down that road...not right now at least....because really, that deserves a very long scathing post all to itself.  

So, back to the question at hand ...why not pre-school?


I enjoy teaching him and watching him learn.
Because...I enjoy being hands on with him.
Because...I enjoy experiencing the world with him.

Because...there is a lot of foundational learning we want to focus on with him right now, like Jesus, and the Word; character and principles.  OUR principles...not the worlds.
Because...I am fully capable of teaching him the academics he needs at this point.
Because...we are all home during the day - together - and it works for us.

Why not pre-school?

Because its not for us.

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