Sunday, December 16, 2012


These families need our prayers.

Sandy Hook Elementary School needs our prayers.

Newtown, CT needs our pryaers.

The state of Connecticut.....New England....the nation needs our prayers.

And I've been sending them up....all weekend....

as I wipe away tears....

and take a break from hugging, cuddling, loving on my boy....who is 5 yrs old...and supposed to start school next a building not unlike Sandy Hook Elementary.

Prayer can change things.  Let's not turn this into a debate about guns and mental illness, or about making buildings safer and more prepared....

Let's make this about changing hearts.....

about opening our hearts to the One True Healer....Comforter....Counselor...Mighty One.

The only One who will be able to give comfort to these families.

The One who will welcome these beautiful, innocent souls and heroes into their heavenly home.

The One who can make all the difference.

We love you Newtown.  We will never forget.