Sunday, January 13, 2013

Grand plans

That's what I have....what we all have right?  The grandest of plans.

Like the beautiful, thoughtful Christmas post.

Or my "2012 year in review in photos"

or "Happy New Year - Happy New Me - my 2013 resolutions!"

Yup - had grand plans to write all those, include stunning photos, and post them all right here.

But Christmas came and I was more interested in intent on making memories with my boys; spending time with my visiting parents; being still at the feet of my Lord. 

And then New year's came and went, and instead of posting about my new year's resolutions, I poured myself into actually doing them!!  (whoa - what a concept I know!)

So here we are - January 13th, and I'm breaking my to speak.

I still want to keep this blog, and I still have grand plans for it....but I want to actually be too busy doing life rather than planning it and writing about it....who knows how often I'll post. I do want to keep track of things and share with you all.  I still aspire to be write as beautifully as she....

bear my soul as deep as she....

make women laugh as hard as she....

inspire others as much as she...

but for now....I'll settle on just being me.

Hope you'll stayed tuned...whoever you are out there who reads my blog.

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Amy said...

Me! I'm still here!