Saturday, January 26, 2013 new friend

January is quickly becoming one of my favorite months....which surprises me.  I love fall - Labor day through Thanksgiving weekend.  Then its right into December, which is of course such a special month.

But that whole season is very much going on - programs underway, soccer season, birthdays, fall activities and trips, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

While I've always despised taking Christmas down in January - packing away all the cheer and memories - both new and old - I'm finding a new appreciation for January.

The cold, gray days are just begging to be warmed up with a fire blazing in the fireplace, family piled onto the couch under cozy blankets reading stories or watching football playoffs.
The kitchen, lonely after a month long frenzy of cooking and baking for loved ones, is calling for a slow cooked soup on the stove top or a casserole of comfort food baking in the oven.
The tea kettle is whistling its invitation for a steamy mug of relaxation with its best friend...a good book.
The house, though devoid of decorations, is now wide open and waiting with anticipation to be made into a playground for a little person with a big imagination...

a reading nook here

a tent hideaway there

a race track....a lego city....a faraway neverland with pirates

January feels so long and slow.  Maybe that's its purpose...January's message...its reminder...

to take life in just the same manner....S.L.O.W.

Stretch the days a little long by spending quality time with the family and beloved past times...reading a book, playing games together, baking with the boy
Dear January.... I think we're going to get a long just fine.

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