Wednesday, February 6, 2013

About a boy

Well, we may be "stuck inside" these cold winter months, but that does not keep a busy boy down.  He has such an wild, beautiful, exploding imagination...I just love it. Here is a smattering of what keeps him busy these days days.

He's had his table here all along, but the mess was driving me while this set up works for his stuff, it was really a gift to me (the organizing Queen OCD organizing freak!)  This kid draws and writes more than the average child I think.  We go through stacks of paper each week.  He's constantly needing to draw a picture of what he's thinking, or he wants to write letters to people...maybe you've received one?

Well, he's officially a big boy in my mind.  Because big boys play with legos, and Thomas is whole hog into legos now.  (thank goodness Nana had the forethought to stockpile while she could.  She worked for Lego nearly 10 years before there were any grandbabies on the scene!!)  This table is not actually new - just the top.  It is Thomas' former train table.  Daddy and I both shed real tears when we made the conversion, but it was the right thing to do. Now he spends hours in his room building and creating - so good for his brain!

I've long wanted an actually nook for reading for him....but I've been struggling with where to put it.  This corner should have been obvious - it is right in front of the book case (duh!) - but I thought it would take up too much room.  We read together here often, but I find him here on his own too - reading the books he's memorized.  As I obsess encourage in him more and more a love of books and reading, I want this to be his "go to" place.  Yes he has his bedroom, but I want him to understand that books and reading is not just for before bedtime.  Its for any time.   
But I must admit that I delight when I spy him curled up in bed all on his own reading  YES!  Its working!  My emphasis on reading is working!  He actually chose the activity all on his own.

He comes up with the CRAZIEST, most brilliant ideas.

The carwash he built with Daddy

some sort of angry birds game for his nerf guns that he made out of a pizza box just lying around
And then he wanted a camp-out/camp-in. He stocked his tent full with all his camping supplies - lantern, drink, books, headlamp, and his guys.  He even slept right there for a few nights.



We are continuously judged asked why he is not in a formal school program.
No one ever questioned him.

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The Faiths said...

Thomas you are getting so big and your play reminds me of Jackson's playtimes.

Lovely post...