Saturday, June 29, 2013

One of my favorite weeks of the summer

Vacation Bible School week at our church.
I take all the photos for the week, then weave them into a slideshow that is played during the closing program so the families can see what their kids have been up to all week. 
 (added bonus this year.....
the theme was "Kingdom Rock" 
so I got to rock out in my wedding tiara all week!)

It is such an amazing experience - really, truly touches my heart every year.
When all we hear on the news is doom and gloom, and we wonder "what is this world that our babies are going to grow up into"...
 this week gives me hope...
210+ kids learning God's word..... 
embedding it in their hearts and minds...

to take out into this world...
the seeds are planted....

especially in this kid....who rocked out his own crown
this was his 2nd year now and he LOVES it! 
Especially the music - he really connects to it when he "sees and feels it" being performed live
(yea - he's so my kid)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Field Trip!

Recently, Big T (grampa) offered to take Thomas to the Boston Museum of Science.  While originally I was not a part of the plan, Nana was away, so I got to go with them. And I'm soooooo  glad I did.

I just love to watch this little man soak it all in....
 try new things.....

make new discoveries.....

His brain was literally on overload, but man he was gettin' it.....

 He is so smart, it truly floors me.
I know all moms say that... but I only have the one child so he's my only frame of reference.  And I swear when I think back, I don't think I was that interested as a child.  Maybe I was and I don't recall (will have to ask mom).  But I get such a thrill watching of the very big reasons I want to home school - so I can be a first hand - in the moment....
to witness to the world 
opening up right in front of his eyes.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strawberry Fields Forever

Recently we had an adventure
 with our friends
and we all went strawberry picking!  
It was both fun AND delicious!!
 and since it was so nutritious, 
we treated ourselves to some 
farm fresh ice cream on the ride home....
 as well as a visit with this 
beautiful creature....
Another check mark on
our summer bucket list!!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Have you heard of Questing?  It is a "walk turned treasure hunt while exploring the outdoors, using a map and a series of clues."  Perfect for a curious, adventurous, energetic little boy!
Our first Quest was literally in our own back yard - or front yard rather, since it was on the bay just outside our front windows.  However, it ended with a very disappointed little boy when the treasure box - containing the coveted stamp for our quest book - was not to be found. 

Quest #2 - the clues were a bit more advanced (even for me - I had to identify species of tress!), and I was nervous when we missed a few clues....

 but thankfully, we found the box...and got our stamp!
What a celebration Thomas had!  (and sigh of relief I did breathe, 'cause if we didn't get our stamp this time, I thought that would end our questing career). 

There are 16 quests on the South Shore.....complete 6 and you get an official patch...and Thomas loves getting "official" rewards.  So we have set our goal to do 6 for sure....but I'm hoping to do as many of the 16 as we can!  Join us in our Questing Challenge!! There are currently about 90 Quests in the Upper Connecticut River Valley, VT and NH.  To find quests in your area, start by checking out the South Shore Quests site here

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer 2013 Bucket List

Hull Memorial Day Parade
 Beach Days
 Bike Rides 
South Shore Quest  
Water Wizz 
 Boat Trip to Boston  
Story Hour at the Farm
 Farmers Markets  
Lots of Backyard Fires  
 Greenway Water Fountains 
  Watch fireworks
Invite friends over more often
 Hingham 4th of July Parade  
Deck Dinners  
Vegetable Garden    
McKenzie Clan Weekend 
Castle Island 
Strawberry and Blueberry Picking
 Eat Loads of Fresh Summer Food
Lay under the Stars
Read lots of Books
 A Children’s Museum 
Nature Hikes
 Scituate Lighthouse  
 Raynham Flea Market
Duxbury Beach Bridge  
 Eagle Camp
Garden in the Woods 
 Backyard Baseball 
Thursday Morning Mamas Group
Practice Swimming
 Camp in the backyard 
Stomp in Puddles 
Make Many Memories!!

1 down...many more to go!!