Friday, June 14, 2013


Have you heard of Questing?  It is a "walk turned treasure hunt while exploring the outdoors, using a map and a series of clues."  Perfect for a curious, adventurous, energetic little boy!
Our first Quest was literally in our own back yard - or front yard rather, since it was on the bay just outside our front windows.  However, it ended with a very disappointed little boy when the treasure box - containing the coveted stamp for our quest book - was not to be found. 

Quest #2 - the clues were a bit more advanced (even for me - I had to identify species of tress!), and I was nervous when we missed a few clues....

 but thankfully, we found the box...and got our stamp!
What a celebration Thomas had!  (and sigh of relief I did breathe, 'cause if we didn't get our stamp this time, I thought that would end our questing career). 

There are 16 quests on the South Shore.....complete 6 and you get an official patch...and Thomas loves getting "official" rewards.  So we have set our goal to do 6 for sure....but I'm hoping to do as many of the 16 as we can!  Join us in our Questing Challenge!! There are currently about 90 Quests in the Upper Connecticut River Valley, VT and NH.  To find quests in your area, start by checking out the South Shore Quests site here

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