Friday, July 26, 2013

Scenes from Camp - 2013 edition

We have arrived home from my favorite place on earth and I'm reluctantly slowly immersing myself back into reality.  Its both a little harder and a little easier this year because we spent an extra day at camp, thanks to my thoughtful and generous husband.  Since our week was brutally hot and humid (in a tent!!), and the weather forecast for the weekend was glorious - mid 70's and abundant breezes - he suggested we stay just one more day.  While it is always sad to leave (the hard part), it was a little easier this year because we had 24 hours of perfect weather and quality family time just the 3 of us. While camp is awesome, we share the week with loads of good friends who we consider to be family.  And Thomas had lots and lots and LOTS of his own friends (he is quite popular!).  Man - that kid did not stop at all this week.  And I've determined that he truly is morally opposed to walking anywhere!  But for all the busyness of the day, he ate very well and slept even better....which, let's face it, meant I slept well!!!

His Ladies!

Wow did my finicky eater surprise me 
and eat well all week!
 He LOVED playhouse!
 and his posse
(don't let the overabundance of cute fool you - 
these 3 muskateers are going to be trouble in 8-10 years!)
and, as you can see from these next photos,
I'm thinking of changing the name "Eagle Camp Week 4"
to "Sports Camp for the Boy"

The newest act to join the Friday night talent show....
a dance from Thomas!

My boy joining me for a sunset

So long Grand Isle VT on Lake Champlain...
thank you for another great year!

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