Sunday, August 11, 2013

More sports and something learned

Two of our favorite teams in one week?!?!  Oh yea!!

Big T, Thomas and Mama went to Foxboro and check out our favorite football team practice.  For something that is free, they sure do put on quite an event!!  We took in about an hour and a half of the practice (saw all three QB's, thank you very much!) and then headed to fan zone, which really should be called kid zone with all the inflatables!!

 Our 3 QBs!!
plus a future QB?

Too bad Thomas didn't have fun, right? 
I'm always amazed the way this child, my boy, takes life by storm.  He is enthusiastic about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g!  Truly.  Everything is an adventure to him....going food shopping....checking out a new playground....going on an actual new adventure.  He takes everything by storm and is delighted by it all.

I am amazed. 

And I wonder.....

where does that come from?  Is it the typical 5 yr old mind?  Or is Thomas specific?

Then I reflect on myself, and I realize I'm like that too.

I see a good movie and I'm pumped.  I read a good book and my spirit soars.  I see a sunset and my heart sings.  I spend a day exploring with my boy and my mind expands. 

Look out all you thrill seekers, mountain climbers, sky divers.....Thomas and Mama are getting their thrill-on right here on the South Shore of MA!

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Kari Patterson said...

Hi Bree! What a blessing to find you here; your pics are so fun and it's such an honor to be listed there on blogs you read! Thank you so much for journeying with me at Sacred Mundane. Richest blessings on you, sister!