Monday, September 9, 2013

Kindergarten kick off!

We've officially kicked off kindergarten here at home - I mean school - I mean home-school. 

Wasn't I just swaddling him, laying him in the bassinet?

Was it last month when I was holding his hands as he took his first steps?

Or last week when he uttered those first words we'd longed to hear?

And now here he is - officially a kindergartner...whether at home or in a red brick building.

When we chose home school, we chose a life style. Because homeschooling is a whole lot of togetherness.  And that's why we chose it.  We weren't ready to let him go out into the world. I know, I know - its reality.  They have to go out into the world sometime.  Yes, they do.  And once they do, they will be out in the world for a long long time....and there's no turning back.

We believe that the longer you love them and hold them and help them build up their sense of self and where they come from, then they are that much more ready to go out into that world...when it is time.

We have many reasons as to why home school works for us....these are just a few:

I enjoy teaching him and watching him learn.
Because...I enjoy being hands on with him.
Because...I enjoy experiencing the world with him.
Because...there is a lot of foundational learning we want to focus on with him right now, like Jesus, and the Word; character and principles.  OUR principles...not the world's.
Because...I am fully capable of teaching him the academics he needs at this point.
Because...we are all home during the day - together - and it works for us.

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