Monday, September 2, 2013

Teach a boy to fish....

Recently, Thomas and I took a walk down memory lane.  We were on a road trip to visit friends, and along the way home stopped at the lake where my family used to have a cottage.

Gosh how I miss that place.  Our visit that day truly transported me back in time - the sights, sounds, smells.  "Who says you can't go home again?" (thanks Jon Bon Jovi)

While there, we dropped in (unannounced) on dear old friends, who welcomed us with open arms.  So good to sit with them on their porch, sharing stories and lives again - like back in the old days.  Does the soul good you know.

Well, a grandpa at heart, our dear old friend offered to take Thomas fishing.  What a treat!  Thomas fished for just about an hour - and caught 3 fish in that time!  Are you kidding me?  I think he's hooked!  (sorry, couldn't resist the pun)
I was amazed at how determined Thomas was and how he stuck with it.  I mean, that is his personality - perfectionism runs deep in this boy, God help him (and his mama) - but fishing requires one to be still and quiet - neither of which run deep with him. 
He learned a valuable lesson in that hour....two lessons come to think of it.
1 - He learned how to fish, and
2 - patience and determination can pay off.  I really think fishing will be good for him. 

A trip down memory lane actually turned into a day for making new memories for Thomas and me...couldn't ask for anything better!

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