Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to have the "perfect" Christmas season - Part 1

don't run away.

I'm not trying to scare you by using the word "perfect"

or by having part 1 and part 2!

I am here to encourage you.  Truly.   

First and foremost - the "perfect" Christmas season 
can only be defined by you and your family - 
the ones you share you life with.
Don't pay any attention to what the world says....
or what the retailers are pushing.....
or what the Christmas cards depict.

What do YOU want?   What do YOU value?  
What about your spouse....your kids....
anyone you spend your time with during this season of joy 
(yes people, this season is supposed to be joyful!!) 

Think about it.  Pray about it. 
Now go make your list.  
Really - put it down on paper.

Review it and determine if it is realistic.  

Now - here comes the hard part...
I know, I know - its hard.  But I tell you - 
do it once and you'll feel the benefit.  
Do it again next year it will become habit.
Do it again the following year and its now tradition.

I started my own list a few years ago 
and now it is indeed tradition. 
 Its not another to do list, but an actual traditions list.

We list our goals, 
make new year's resolutions, 
create a 5 year plan - 
but we won't put on paper what we want for 
ourselves during the month of December?
Well - I'm giving you permission.  
In fact, I'm urging you to do it.

And to help get you started.....I'll share with you my list. 
 I call it my Christmas Creed. 
 I start reading it each year in early November.  
(oh who am I kidding - I start reading it as soon as my son's October birthday has passed - which is about the time that I also start playing Christmas music!!).

This list has evolved over time.  Every year as I pack away the Christmas ornaments and decorations, I review the list one more time - figure out what worked, what didn't.  What I can let go of .....what I want to move up the priority list.  
I do it while the season is still fresh in my mind and I can make some really smart decisions.

Tune in next week to part 2 - 
when I'll be sharing my creed with you. 

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