Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How to have the "perfect" Christmas seson - Part 2

So - today I'm sharing with you all my Christmas creed.  But first you have to do something for me.

Promise me, then promise yourself, that you will use my list as a resource, for ideas, as a jumping off point.

Promise me, then promise yourself, that you will NOT use my list for comparison, to get down on yourself because you don't do something I do.

Promise yourself that most important key to having the "perfect" holiday season is to do what YOU want, not what is on my list.

Do we have a deal?  Okay, good....you may read on.

Brasil Christmas Creed 
(which by the way is in no particular order - just all items to keep in the forefront of my mind

Christmas Cards - start them earlier - have them done by Thanksgiving weekend.
I've done them early, I've done them late, and I really must say, that I don't like having them done late and hanging over my head the whole month of December.  I review the list in early November, make enough for the list, and then some extra, just in case I receive some I wasn't expecting and feel the need to reciprocate.  (note here - I don't always reciprocate every card, but sometimes I feel the need to)

Bake and freeze earlier. 
I love to have Christmas treats around all season - to take with me, or serve for impromptu gatherings here.  But the longer I put off the baking process, the less I'm inclined to bake and make at all.  So if I want them (and my family really does) then I must plan ahead.

Take inventory and shop early for supplies.
Take stock early of all our paper goods, wrapping and packaging supplies, tags, tape, 3M hooks and then pick them all up before Thanksgiving.  I used to wait to see what I needed and I've finally learned that just makes me miserable!!!  I never have on hand what I need.  My thinking was I only wanted to buy what I needed, not more, but it just never worked out.  I now have a bin of all the excess that I pack away with all the christmas decor....cause paper goods don't go bad.  They can carry over from year to year and I can always use them one way or another.

Lots of Lists
I'm a list maker.  Has always worked for me.  But especially at this time of year.  I keep a running list of all that needs to be done so that I don't get overwhelmed, and also so I can plan each week accordingly.  One of the my most important lists is my "gift list".  I record them as I shop so that I won't forget I have them when its time to wrap (believe me, I can forget). My other important list is for all that I WANT to do....not just need to do.  Like go for a car ride in our pjs after dinner one night to see the Christmas lights; and go to the train store more often (free entertainment for the boy); and have a Happy Birthday Jesus party with kids.  These are the things that make the season special for us.  Its not to say my December is ruled by lists, but they keep me sane!

More exercise. 
Seriously don't hate me - this one is even hard for me, since I hardly have a steady exercise routine to begin with, but in the past few years, I've really noticed how the walks really help me maintain my mood and reduce stress during this season....for many reasons:
a - fresh air (my choice of exercise is walking)
b - I feel like I get time to myself, and that I'm doing something for myself
c - feel less guilty about the treats I'm eating because I'm getting my walking in. While I still try not to overindulge, its once a year and I want to enjoy with my family - not beat myself up all season long.
d - the exercise itself and all those endorphins - yadda yadda yadda.

Have a shopping date with my husband.   
Most of my shopping is done early, but we still love to go out, look around, have a meal.  Its actually more enjoyable because we aren't feeling the pressure of buying a whole lot.  One of our very first dates was christmas shopping, so its very sentimental for us, and isn't this the season for schmaltz?

Have a wrapping date with my husband.  
For a few years, I did all the wrapping...and I was miserable.  My husband is actually better at wrapping, he enjoys it, and I feel like again, we're getting time to do something festive together during this season.  Some Christmas music, an adult beverage, some wonderful conversation....its all good.

DO NOT plan anything for day after Christmas.  
I literally have to remind myself of this. When the season gets going and I get all caught up in the excitement, I don't want to forget how important this is to us.,  We just love the cozy, relaxed feeling of being able to stay home and in our pj's, watching the boy plan with all his new stuff, enjoying the peace and quiet after the rush, indulging in quality family time.  The rest of the week before New Year's we'll have plenty of time to do all those "things" that need tending to, but we drag out the christmas day experience as long as possible...one day is just too short!

So there you have it - the Brasil Christmas Creed.  I've left off a few items, but wanted you to get a flavor to start your Creed...or whatever you want to call it.  Some other ideas:
- have a decorating plan.  Know how long it truly takes, and make a plan for it.
- have a plan for your plans - like parties and invites and kids programs.  Decide before the season how many in a week is good for you and your family.
- have food and menu plans.  Rachael Ray pointed out this week on her show that its not just Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's that we feed extra people - its all season long.  So have some recipes that you know are winners and can feed many and stock up on those ingredients.  For me - I just need to stock up on general items so that I'm not constantly reaching for frozen pizza.  Sounds odd but after baking all day, sometimes I don't want to cook a meal, you know?

Next week I'll share with you what's the point of it all. 

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Amy said...

Love it! ...Please, you must share recipes and ideas for treats that you make ahead and freeze!