Sunday, January 19, 2014

Here I am

I sure am taking my sweet, slow time settling into this new year.  2014.  I can't even reconcile that in my brain.

Today is more than 19 days into this new year, and I'm still getting this house in order after a Christmas season.

Still deciding upon and writing up my goals and resolutions. 

Still getting back into routines and schedules.

It seems to late to give you a Christmas update, but we had a beautiful season, with lots of time together as Daddy was on vacation for nearly 2 weeks.  That's partly why I'm so slow in getting ramped up - because I didn't want to spend any precious family time to wrap things up and put things away and get things in order. 

And why rush anyway.  Because January is long and slow here in New England, and I've  come to appreciate and even look forward to that, because I feel like it gives me all the excuses in the world to just take...our...time. 

The fireplace beckons to be put to its beautiful purpose.

And the stove calls for a pot, or two (dare I try three?) of loving home cooked goodness.

And the blankets and pillows call out for a snuggly books-in-bed festival.

And the knitting basket stares at me ...

or the craft bin ....

or the files of photos that need organizing ...

or that book from the library.

So we do lessons on the couch, under the blanket, in front of that fire, while munching on popcorn, freshly popped old-school on the stove top.

And occasionally I take care of a project on my to-do list - like organize my desk, clean out pantry, cull out the excess. 

I'll get there.