Monday, February 10, 2014

The coolest first hockey game EVER!

Waaaaay back in early January, we took to Thomas to his first hockey game.  Not professional hockey, rather college hockey. No matter - this evening had all the excitement and MORE for this boy. 
 First Thomas got his face tatted up
  Then we took our front row seats 
(okay 2nd row, but still darn close to the action)
Then he schooled Babu on the plays
Then Thomas was featured on the jumbo-tron
 Wait - WHAT????

Of course he was!!! 
 (I'm telling you - sunshine, rainbows and 
chocolate sprinkles follow this kid everywhere!)

 And not only was he featured,
but he WON the dance contest!  
 And he didn't just win noteriety...
he won a $50 visa gift card!

(which he promptly spent
 at the Lego store the following day)