Sunday, March 2, 2014

A little re-arranging

Spring cleaning ain't got nothin' on the long, cold, windy, snowy winter closing in on us here in New England.  Nothing delivers a pick me up like a little re-arranging.

Once the Christmas decorations come down, its like we see our homes with a new eye and new perspective and we get an itchin' to make some changes, do some re-arranging, even some heaving and tossing.

After many months of lego-building, but never wanting to take apart his creations, I finally found a system for all of T's masterpieces. I went shopping in the basement (sometimes it pays not to give stuff away) to pull out this former toy bin turned lego sorter.
PERFECTION!!  Now he keeps his lego table clear and can actually play on it and build on it!!  (kind of the concept all along)
 Boy all set - on to mama.

This chair - where I rocked that sweet-infant-baby-now-lego-building-big-kid needed an update.
Thomas was the 5th, maybe 6th infant to be rocked in this well loved, hand me down chair (read:used), and it was starting to show its years.  After sharing with my husband my rehab plans and the cost, he put his foot down.  "Honey - I don't even like the chair!  I can't justify spending that much to bring it back to life".

I pouted.  But wait - before he is cast as a big meanie, he didn't say we weren't going to spend the money. 

He said we weren't going to spend the money on THAT chair.

Instead, he offered to buy a new chair.  A chair just for me.  A chair for my morning quiet time, for my evenings reading books by the fire, for sipping my tea while we have our chats - him in his cozy chair, me in mine.

"Happy Anniversary" he said, albeit 3 weeks early, when I finally made my choice after waaaay too many hours perusing countless stores.  When the hubs and I get an idea our heads, we are determined and focused (read:one-track minded).

(It is worth sharing that Thomas accompanied us on those many shopping trips and was SORELY disappointed that we did not chose one of the several power recliner lift chairs he had made himself comfy at home in!!)

And with the new chair, came a new set-up for this room.
"Living Room" is clearly how our front room should be defined, but that sounds so formal and stuffy - definitely not us. 

I think I'm bringing back the title "gathering room"  - that is so much more who we are.

So here is our gathering room before...
 these pics are a little old but depict the original set up that has been in place for 3 yrs.

and after..

While I would have loved to have brought the old rocker back to life - salvage and furbish it - I knew this was not the piece I was going to win the fight for.  But I do love that this gathering room is not just of people, but of memories, and of furniture old and new:

- the rug is from my parents' house - the home I grew up in
- the coffee table is from my maternal grandparent's house
- the end table next to the sofa is from my paternal grandparents house. 
- And I'm delighted the standing lamp has made it back to such a central spot (it was hiding in the office for a short time).  My dad's dad built it and I just love it - it deserves a prominent spot in our home - to be admired and cherished.

Aaah - feeling lighter, breathing easier, enjoying the rush of a re-design pick me up.  Hoping this will hold me over til spring....

only 5 more weeks.

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